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B.Ed Past Papers And Important Questions Up To Date Of All Codes

B.Ed Past Papers Important Questions Up To Date Of All Codes

Short Notes On Instructional Planning And Teaching Methods

Short Notes On Instructional Planning And Teaching Methods For B.ed ,M.Ed And Education Notes For Heads Tests ,SS tests and All NTS tests of Pedagogy questions

B.Ed M.Ed Education Notes For All Competitive Tests PPSC FPSC NTS

Topic covered Simulation in teachings programming instruction  inductive method deductive method drill method micro teaching  simulation method role play  dramatization lesson planning pedagogy lecture method discussion method team teaching cooperative learning home assessment demonstrative method project method question answer method and

SNDT B Ed Notes Semester 1 Course 2

Notes for compulsory course on Language across curriculum B.Ed-SNDT-Semester-1-Course-2-Notes_1MB

Education MCQs eBook Download

Education MCQs eBook Download  for all Education related tests Lecturer ,Headmaster and Headmistress Tests PPSC/FPSC/KPPSC/AJKPSC, & NTS ESE, SESE, SSE Educators Entry Tests & very helpful for B.Ed ,M.Ed  exams…. Educational Assessment Mcqs Cognition and Development Mcqs Pedagogy or Teaching Methods MCQs

“Bloom’s Taxonomy” Notes

Education notes: “Bloom’s taxonomy”

Educational Philosophy Notes in Urdu

Taleemi  Falsafa k Nazriat, Imam Ghazali ka Nazria e Taleem

Educational Psychology Complete Notes Download

ADJUSTMENTS AND MALADJUSTMENTS.ppt View Download allport.ppt View Download ASPECTS OF DEVELOPMENT.ppt View Download Transfer of learning.ppt View Download CATTELL PERESONALITY THEORY.ppt View Download Classical conditioning.ppt View Download COGNITIVE APPRENTICESHIP.docx View Download DEVELOPMENTAL PROCESS.ppt View Download EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT.ppt View Download EYSENCKTYPECUMTRAIT3.ppt View Download FACTORS INFLUENING PERSONALITY AND INTEGRATED PERSONALITY.ppt View Download HUMAN ISTICPERSONALITY.ppt

Educational Management Notes Download Pdf

Click to Download Educational Management Notes Download